I dreamed to go to India from a very young age.  After first experiencing Yoga at age 18, that dream came true in 2003, when I spent five months in India to complete my Yoga Teacher Training within the Sivananda tradition and to research about Yoga for my Anthropology studies.  My Master's thesis was indeed about Yoga and it's role and history in the west.


For two years I learnt Yoga-Vyajam - which is focused on medical-therapeutic applications - from Winfred Eggert, the pioneer Yoga teacher in the German speaking countries.  During another long stay in India, I was trained in Yoga therapy.


The singing of Mantras holds a special place in my personal spiritual practice.  Besides Hatha Yoga, my courses also contain elements from other bodywork systems, such as Qi Gong.  For me, what's most important is to guide students into a deeply personal inner experience.

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